Sunday, June 8, 2008

gta4..."three weeks later"..

Grand Theft Auto 4 is pretty impressive first off. Then after playing for multiply hours its amazing to suddenly realize that theres clearly 12 to 15 shades of color for every day. truly drop dropping to watch the physics engine move in almost any way. an orchestrated cover system and its multi layered lock-on friend performing peacfully together in a very busy street fight. And many other fantastic elements that add together to shine right when they need to. Its all very nice and a definite victory in steping up the concept of what a "game" truly can be. I kinda refuse to tell more about a game. I really think you should get this one.

my opinion...
Everythings got its goods and bads.
-where are my "toys"? I basicaly got around 200+ hours strictly out of the bmx.
-holding on to cars. yeah. like when i do it that one time. that one fucking time!
-no buying homes. Niko cant have dreams apparently.
-car/bike customization. green hornet or boss hog? take your pick.
-parachutes. who forgot to leave the shoots in the helli tours. why?
Everything else is pretty much spot on. Get past the little b.s. and i walked away with a+ game.

meh. I dont get to be the host when i want. Waiting to start sucks. voice chat really dosent work when all you hear is the people shouting the names of there countries for 20 minutes. when it does work people leave and the game flops.
i do it. but it always pisses me off. go figure.

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